At this year’s Eyes&Ears Awards that were hosted in Munich projects of the dmcgroup have been awarded five times. We are especially proud of winning two out of the three special prizes in the categories “creation” and “effectiveness”.

Best on-air promotion spot for non-fiction program:
Discovery Channel – Zweiter Weltkrieg

How do you promote a documentary about World War II without showing the live-action images so many of us have already seen? With calm pictures the Discovery Channel re-enacts war scenes in an emotional and churning way. The war’s dreariness of the war and the fate of the individuals are audio-visualized distinctly. This spot, which is completely shot in black and white, gives us goose bumps!

Best 2D/3D animation: Das Erste – Ostern 2012

For their Easter campaign in 2012, ARD’s Creative Team created a 3D world presenting their programming to the viewers – origami style. Bunnies with 3D-glasses symbolize their appeal to movie fans. Footprints leading to bunnies with eye patches are something for crime fans. Even the channel’s programming for series, talk show and nature lovers was visualised with a great eye for detail. No doubt: ‘Das Erste‘ for animation fans!

Best seasonal or event-related design package on-air: DMAX – Muttertag

A design just for Mothers Day on a men’s channel like DMAX? For sure! Because we know exactly who likes to forget these special days the most. In a charming knitted design and DMAX colours, the channel reminds their target group of mother’s day. But DMAX didn’t forget to thank mothers as well: “Thank you mothers for these sons”. Consistent design, year after year!

Eyes & Ears Special Prize CREATION 2012: Sky Krimi

Sky sets the stage for their crime network in a high-quality way. Silken threads, as thin as spider webs, weave together typical crime elements like security tape, pieces of evidence and accompanying number plates into a graphical web. But what are the garden gnome and the rubber chicken doing there? Over and over, we see foreign elements that create added suspense. The graphic web symbolises a crime scene analysis on the one hand; on the other hand, the complex web of circumstantial evidence. Towards the end, the net becomes tighter and the individual strands form the Sky-Krimi logo. Here, crime is visualised in a creative and impressive way. Ski Krimi – Where crime is at home!

Eyes & Ears Special Prize EFFECTIVENESS 2012: DMAX – Abschaltkampagne

DMAX, we love you!” That is the clear message of this campaign, which was created to prepare the audience for the switching off of analogue TV. Whether young or old, whether bourgeois or macho, whether freak or regular Guy – here, all the protagonists suffered the same fate. Instead of seeing DMAX, there is only static on television. In several spots, this male support group entertains us with songs, incantations and stories about their despair with one goal: “Come back, DMAX!” Here, a dry topic is presented in an imaginative, funny and effective way! We want to see more!