Two awards for Motion Design

The dmcgroup was able to score no less than two wins at this year’s Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013 – one of the industry’s biggest and most prestigious design prizes worldwide! The highly sought-after Red Dots went to the DISCOVERY CHANNEL special trailer, „World War II/D-Day“, and to the elaborate redesign for the pay TV channel, SKY KRIMI.

To completely transform the look of a television channel from start to finish is a job that would send any agency into gasps of joy. SKY KRIMI fired the starting pistol – dmcgroup leapt into action. Hand-cuffs, crime-scene tape, muddy Wellington boots and, yes, a garden gnome: a few scraps of evidence, linked and intertwined with silk threads, pulls the viewer into the web of crime and then forms the channel’s logo. A compelling visual homage to the crime genre – already bestowed with several awards at the Promax and the Eyes & Ears Awards.

Creating a special trailer for Discovery Channel in commemoration of D-Day and the Second World War: an interesting mission, challenging topic. Instead of using real images, the dmcgroup worked with miniature soldiers, frozen in combat. Calm visual language in black and white imagery with extreme selective focus, all supported by the intense audio composition, summons the fate of each individual combatant; etching itself into one’s memory.  Prize-winning at the Eyes & Ears Awards – and now at this year’s Red Dot Award.