The customer adviser for insurance operations of Allianz is a changing job: away from the image of the door-to-door salesman, towards empathic and competent personalities who advise their customers confiding, individually and in the long term.

Since October 2012 the HR-Marketing Campaign “Customer-Inspirer wanted!” focuses on this change of image. To motivate new colleagues to take a job in sales for the market leader, Allianz has exclusively its employees speaking for it: All in all ten sales-employees report about their private and professional lives with touching openness.

The range of testimonials goes from a passionate climber, to an old-timer enthusiast with love of detail, to a sports-mad volleyball player, to a stage-experienced cabaret artist. They tell us about their lives and explain to us what makes them unique and why Allianz is their perfect employer. Thereby the campaign not only recruits new employees, but the existing sales team identifies with the authentic and unsophisticated image of its employer.


The campaign, that has been designed and implemented by DMC, uses all relevant media in the area of HR-Marketing:

  • Online: Website as the central campaign hub
  • Online recruiting: SEM, banner advertising and Facebook-Ads
  • Print advertising: adverts, direct marketing, transit advertising
  • Point of sale: Posters, Imageflyers, calendars, Stickers etc.
  • Events: exhibition booth for recruitement fairs
  • Give aways: from promotional items to premium gifts

Based on the motto “developed centrally, implemented regionally” the media strategy of online recruiting displays the regional sales structure of Allianz. Therefore its possible for the first time that every region can search online for employees individually and automated. On the website all applicants are being configured to a point that no changes to the existing applicant management at Allianz were necessary.