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CNT Management Consulting – Campaign & Website

CNT Management Consulting is one of Austria’s most successful SAP companies, while as such it also operates across national borders throughout the world. In order to communicate the spirit of the company to the outside world, dmcgroup was allowed to develop a new campaign and to transfer it to a new website as well.

Campaign & Employee Campaign

At the beginning of the collaboration at the end of 2017, the focus was on a campaign idea that would make CNT internationally recognizable as a big player among SAP companies. Dynamism and drive were to be conveyed with the implementation of the lead campaign. For the main campaign, the focus was on speed, which runs through all the subjects in the form of motion blur.

The Hero subject uses abstract imagery to represent CNT’s cross-sector excellence. In contrast, the subordinate subsubjects convey a clear reference to the respective industry. The claim is always placed in the center with emphasis on “Run” and backed by a clean, white background area, which in turn gives the logo the space it needs. In the course of the further development of the original campaign, a second line for potential applicants was also created. The recruiting subject also plays with the theme of motion blur, creating a unifying style element.

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Lead idea for campaign in public spaces to create awareness for new brand identity

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CNT brought dmcgroup on board several years ago to help design their website. Now the main task was to transform the former one-pager into a coherent page concept and bring it in line with the campaign.

In addition, a new content management system (CMS for short) was introduced to make it easier for employees to work with the content. Thus, the site met the demand for more differentiated content and information. The design took CNT’s identity in terms of colors, icons and typography and transformed it into a more modern, fresh overall look. The visual language of the campaigns was flipped in conjunction with more white space, creating both a brighter and friendlier site as well as one that can be changed on a modular basis. The stage of the home page picks up the hero subject of the campaign and thus creates maximum recognition value.

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Airport Advertisement

To bring the campaign, as well as the new website, directly into the communication, advertising placements were made at international airports, around the most important global SAP trade fairs. As early as November 2017, the first campaign went online at El-Prat Barcelona Airport, followed by Schipol Airport in Amsterdam in April 2018. This was followed by Leipzig and then, across the pond, Orlando in Florida.

Exhibition stands – Roll-ups – Flyers – Brochures

In addition to the larger parts of the project, such as the campaign and website, various printed materials, promotional materials and trade fair elements were also created. As the collaboration progressed, the campaign expanded to the company’s various divisions, and dmcgroup assisted CNT with the design of promotional folders and invitations, as well as trade show systems.
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