For Christmas we are getting started on our nicest project yet: With “dmc goes green” we would like to support the conservation of nature and campaign for greater sustainability and more environmental awareness. To make our world a little greener!

Save the mountain gorillas

Xmas 2013 is totally dedicated to the mountain gorilla. There are a mere 700 of these impressive primates left on our planet Earth. This Christmas, our donation will fund the WWF and help save and sustain the natural habitat of the mountain gorillas in Central Africa.


National park in danger

Drilling for oil is planned in Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park. This last natural habitat of the mountain gorilla is on the verge of total destruction – with devastating and fatal effects on the entire eco system.

Our contribution in 2013

Every donation to the WWF contributes to preserving a piece of nature. Therefore we are bestowing the nicest gift possible this Christmas: aid for endangered animals.

And: on top of a general donation we are taking on an official sponsorship for one of these last mountain gorillas… the gorilla meets the beast!

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And this is just the beginning

“dmc goes green” stands for responsible environmental awareness and our aim is to actively bring this into our everyday life. Especially at Christmas we would like to express our commitment, by annually supporting projects, for which we feel particularly strongly about.


The Mountain Gorilla

Virunga under threat

We can help