Client & Initial Situation

The Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband (German Savings Banks Association, DSGV) is the umbrella organisation of the Savings Banks Finance Group and includes 417 local savings banks (with more than 20.000 offices), Landesbanken, Landesbausparkassen and a range of other financial service companies, making it the largest industrial employer and trainer in Germany.

Vocational training is the most important resource for recruiting and long-term employee development at the Savings Banks and thus, essential for business development and success. The competition for the best talents is becoming increasingly intense. This development has been acknowledged by the Sparkasse and therefore, dmcgroup was appointed to devise a recruiting campaign.

Ausbildungskampagne "Spannend ab dem ersten Tag" für die Sparkasse - Kampagnenseite

Up Close to the „Generation Z“

The target group „Generation Z“ – born after the year 2000 – is confident and places great emphasis on individuality and uniqueness. Nevertheless, their decision-making is characterized by disorientation. Regarding career choices, the advice of parents and friends is often sought.

Therefore, the focus of the campaign relies on painting an authentic picture of young trainees at the Sparkasse. Whether alone or in a group – the images support a change of perspective and create a source of identification with a modern, versatile and varied training.

The campaign offers direct insights into the most interesting traineeship aspects for young people. For the motives, real Sparkasse trainees were casted. The response to the internal casting call was immense – a great success for the campaign in terms of “internal” employer attractiveness.

A commercial clip emphasizes the key message of the campaign in motion picture and enacts exciting situations from the world of trainees – both professionally and personally. Various cut versions are shown on TV, Movies (at the cinema), online and in the agencies of the Sparkasse.

Ausbildungskampagne "Spannend ab dem ersten Tag" für die Sparkasse - FotomotiveDSGV Arbeitgeberkampagne Spannend ab dem ersten Tag

Unique Personal Touch: The Handwriting

In addition to the image motifs, the campaign formats are supported by condensed slogans. Colloquial, handwritten statements convey very personal messages, addressing the young candidates in their own language: laid-back, genuine, straight forward.

DSGV Arbeitgeber-Kampagne Spannend ab dem ersten TagThe central claim “Exciting from day one” combines the diversity and variety of the training. This central campaign promise is included in all advertising materials and the corresponding URL at leads to the campaign page which summarizes all essential information about the training and redirects all those interested directly to local financial institutions to apply.
DSGV Arbeitgeberkampagne Spannend ab dem ersten Tag

Wide Media Mix for Campaign Success

The recruiting campaign “Spannend ab dem ersten Tag“ (Exciting from day one) uses a 360-degree approach across a wide range of media with the following measures:

  • Banner and print advertising
  • Campaign website using responsive design
  • Commercials for TV, online, cinema and POS
  • Radio commercials
  • Various items of merchandise
  • POS-advertising media and event activities


The campaign was launched in January 2015 as a nationwide TV, print and online campaign. Local Sparkasse branches are provided with a marketing toolkit to implement the campaign in their regions.


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