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The new trainee campaign for Sparkasse

The DSGV (Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband – German Savings Banks and Giro Association) is the umbrella organization of the Savings Banks Finance Group and comprises 417 regional savings banks with over 20,000 branches, Landesbanken (state banks), Landesbausparkassen (state building societies) and numerous other financial services companies. This makes the Savings Banks in the Financial Group the largest commercial employer and trainer in Germany.

For the savings banks, vocational training is the most important resource for recruiting and developing their own employees in the long term and is therefore essential for corporate development and success.

The battle for the best talents is getting tougher and tougher – the savings banks are also feeling this development and commissioned the dmcgroup to develop a recruiting campaign.

Exciting from the first day

The “Generation Z” target group – those born after 2000 – is self-confident and attaches great importance to individuality and uniqueness. Nevertheless, a certain lack of orientation prevails when making major decisions; the advice of parents or the opinions of friends and peers are highly sought after when choosing a career.

The campaign focuses on authentic images of young trainees at the Sparkasse. Whether alone or in a group – the change of perspective supported by these images creates identification with modern, versatile and varied training.

We are right there when the trainees tell us about the things that make their training the most exciting. Real Sparkasse trainees were cast for the motifs. The response to the Sparkasse’s internal casting call was tremendous – a nice success for the campaign also in terms of “internal” employer attractiveness.

A commercial continues the didactics of the motifs in the moving image and stages exciting excerpts from the world of the trainees – professionally and privately. In various edited versions, it runs on TV, in cinemas, online and in savings bank branches.

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Personal & direct: the handwriting

In addition to the image motifs, the address is made through condensed slogans. Colloquial, handwritten statements convey very personal messages that hit the mark with young applicants: relaxed, genuine, direct.

The variety and diversity of the training is summarized by the central claim “Exciting from day one”. Condensed to the URL, this central campaign promise can be found on all advertising materials and leads to the campaign page, which summarizes all essential information on training and directs interested parties directly to the local savings banks for application.

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Broad media mix for campaign success

The recruiting campaign “Exciting from day one” was implemented as a 360-degree campaign with the following measures:

  • Advertising motifs for banners and print
  • Campaign website with Responsive Design
  • Commercial for TV, online, cinema and POS
  • Radio commercials
  • Various merchandising articles
  • POS advertising materials and event measures

The campaign will launch in January 2017 with a nationwide TV, print and online campaign. Using a marketing toolkit, local savings banks can implement the campaign in their region.

Campaign landingpage

The overarching campaign developed by dmcgroup presents the Sparkasse as an attractive employer and the training to become a bank clerk as a varied, individual and forward-looking start to a career.

The central point of contact and destination for online and offline campaign content is the microsite

  • Target group-specific preparation of the campaign for media-savvy, young people
  • Usable on all devices (desktop PC, tablets, smartphones)
  • Illustration and staging of the campaign messages
  • Flexibility to integrate changing content of local advertising campaigns
  • Clear “Call to Action” with transition to application
  • Close dovetailing and integration of the savings bank career portal with the local savings banks

The campaign page – essence of training at a glance

The dmcgroup developed the concept and design for the campaign page “Exciting from day one”. At the core of the considerations was a concept that serves two different types of access:

  • Provide a quick overview of the campaign and the training to become a bank clerk
  • If desired, receive more in-depth information on certain aspects of the topic

The site is designed “responsive” and allows the use on any device from desktop PC to tablets and smartphones.

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The header of the page features a prominent media stage, which is used to depict the key campaign themes and content on the page. This campaign stage represents the first touchpoint for visitors to the website and provides an authentic insight into the world of trainees at Sparkasse. The commercial and the central campaign motifs serve as the lead.

The campaign stage is dynamically designed to provide landing page functionality for changing digital campaigns (linking banners or ads). Thus, the address in the header seamlessly leads over from the previously visited subject.

The campaign page itself is designed as a “one-pager” that displays all relevant topics related to training at the Sparkasse on one page. When scrolling the page, users can thus quickly grasp the relevant overarching topics related to training. The most important content of each section is readable directly on the page without further user interaction. For more details on the particular topic, users can click horizontally to move to more information.

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Direct entry to the application

Clicking on the “Apply” button takes you to the application module on the campaign page, which was conceived and designed in close cooperation with the DSGV.

Clicking on the “Apply” button takes you to the application module on the campaign page, which was conceived and designed in close cooperation with the DSGV.

The campaign page thus assumes the function of a switch from the national campaign to the application at the local savings bank on site.

To the campaign page “Exciting from day one” of the savings bank

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