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Accessible design for websites and service terminals

Accessible design opens up your digital content to everyone.

Whether website, online store, ticket app or service terminal: digital products are designed to be used equally well by all people, regardless of their abilities and limitations.

This is not only an ethically desirable goal, but also a legal obligation. The European Accessibility Act, which standardizes rules for accessible products and services, will be legally enforced from 2025.

So it’s time to get active. But investing in accessible design pays off in several ways.

Advantages of barrier-free design

Equal access to digital products and services for people with disabilities is enshrined in national and supranational laws.

Accessible design makes your digital product legally compliant.

Accessible design allows your product to be seen and used by more people.

In view of the rising average age of the population and the large number of different possible usage contexts, many people benefit from accessible design.

Optimizing digital products for assistive technologies such as screen readers automatically makes them more accessible for search engines.

Accessible design leads to better positioning of your product in search results.

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Who benefits from accessible design?

Accessible design makes your digital product or service offering accessible to anyone with permanent, temporary or situational limitations:

  • A person with impaired vision who has forgotten their glasses at home can still use a web application that uses sufficiently large font with high color contrast.
  • A person traveling on public transport can watch and understand videos with subtitles on their smartphone without headphones and without disturbing other passengers.
  • Anyone in a hurry benefits from digital services that are concise, easy to read and user-friendly.
  • A blind person can consume the content of a website by using a screen reader.

Accessible design with dmcgroup

  • Analysis and testing of existing offers and digital products based on the applicable standards
  • Testing of optimized solutions
  • Derivation of recommended measures for improvement
  • Conception of accessible content and designs, taking into account the applicable standards
  • Designing appealing and barrier-free solutions
  • Creating prototypes for coordination and testing
  • Accessible front-end development
  • Optimization of backends for accessible solutions
  • Test and Rollout

As an agency for user experience and accessibility, dmcgroup supports leading companies in Austria in developing accessible designs and digital solutions that are easily accessible and usable for all user groups.

Our Projects

In the following section, we would like to show you four examples in which we have successfully implemented accessible design in partnership with our customers over the last few years.

Erste Bank and Sparkassen

User interface for ATMs of Erste Bank and Sparkassen

We developed the touch user interface for self-service machines from scratch for the country’s largest banking group. Due to the legal requirements and the heterogeneous user groups across all age groups, a great deal of attention was paid to barrier-free operation.

Screenshot des Erste Bank Selfservice Homescreens im aktualisierten Corporate Design
Aktion Mensch

Accessible corporate design and brand relaunch

Accessibility is an essential prerequisite for an inclusive society. All people with and without disabilities benefit from accessibility, although universal accessibility still requires a great deal of effort.

This is precisely why Aktion Mensch wants to act as a role model and has set itself the goal of making all its media accessible to everyone without restriction, regardless of disability. The corporate design must also meet this requirement and accessibility must be considered and defined for all elements.

Since 2014, we have been the lead agency for the entire brand, corporate identity and design. We support Aktion Mensch from the overall concept to the implementation of customized designs for all required media – a seamless process from start to finish.

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Our experts

With decades of expertise behind them and plenty of creativity in their blood, our experts are at your side. This also applies to our customers Allianz, ÖBB and Erste Bank & Sparkassen.

“Our mission is not just to develop products, but to work with our customers to create experiences that are in tune with the times. Together, we are shaping a future in which excellence and creativity are the DNA of every digital innovation.”

Ewald Pichler, Managing Director

Are you looking for a partner to create accessible digital solutions for your company? Work with our agency to create a future where innovation and accessibility go hand in hand and enable an inclusive digital transformation.

Tamara Himler

Tamara Himler, Client Service Director M +43 676 93 83 137