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Blank Slate

Blank Slate – Library for designers

by Cordelia Craigie


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Cordelia Craigie, Design Director at dmcgroup, has created an extensive library of photographic templates and dummies with “Blank Slate”. The mammoth work inspires.

Stepping stones for designers

It happens every day. Everywhere in this world. Sweating, often more than just a disappointed sigh, sometime quiet or loud swearing, usually many hours of wasting precious life time (and other resources).

Graphic designers know it: logos and other designs want to be presented to the customer, preferably already realistically mounted on images of packaging, clothing or other objects. The search for suitable templates is a Sisyphean task. And if, as is so often the case, suitable material cannot be found or usage rights exceed the budget, you have to take the photos yourself, crop them and neutralize them in retouching before finally implementing the actual task.

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There is a remedy – 1000 times over

A newly published library is about to change all that. Blank Slate, which translates as “blank slate”, is the name of the work and offers over 1,000 neutral templates on 256 pages – packaging such as boxes, bottles, bags, office materials, typical merchandising products, outdoor advertising and more products from everyday life – that are waiting to breathe more life into graphic creations.

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Success from experience

Cordelia Craigie, Creative Director for dmcgroup, is the creator of the mammoth “Blank Slate” library. Created over many years of intensive and painstaking work and with the support of the dmcgroup, this lavishly and generously designed book provides an overview of the large number of templates, which are provided on a DVD as cropped Photoshop files.

This means that “Blank Slate” is likely to be the template that designers have been longing for. The following video gives a little insight.

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