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Corporate Design and Branding

Strong brands and distinctive products

A brand is always a promise. We make brands credible and relevant.

Today’s modern consumers are making increasingly critical choices from an overabundance of brands and are more competitive than ever. Today, companies must constantly reinvent and develop themselves in order to keep pace with megatrends. The trick is not to lose profile in the process.

Our Services

As an agency for corporate design and branding, we create and develop sustainable and multi-layered brand personalities and create experiences that appeal to customers, involve them and create benefits.

The brand strategy is the foundation for authenticity and long-term success. We support you in developing and optimizing your strategy and provide you with comprehensive advice on:
  • Classic & digital brand strategies
  • Business & Transformation Strategy
  • Communication strategies
The brand image is the visible and tangible manifestation of the brand. We design brand identity in all media, channels and forms, including:
  • Corporate design – classic & digital
  • Corporate Identity
  • Visual worlds & trademarks
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Websites
  • Copywriting & claim development
  • Branded Content
  • Service Design
The digital staging and presence of brands has become indispensable. We support you in reinforcing your brand messages in digital media and ensure that you reach your target groups. We are specialized in:
  • SEO, SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • E-Mail Marketing

As an agency for user experience and accessibility, dmcgroup supports leading companies in Austria in developing accessible designs and digital solutions that are easily accessible and usable for all user groups.

Our Projects

In the following section we would like to show you three examples of how we have successfully implemented corporate design and branding projects in partnership with our clients over the last few years.

Aktion Mensch

Barrier-free corporate design & brand relaunch for Aktion Mensch

As the lead agency for corporate design, we have been shaping the entire brand identity of Aktion Mensch since 2014 and we have implemented comprehensive content creation over the years. This includes the development and maintenance of the brand platform, the creation of templates and assets, as well as the creation of motion design, explanatory films, image films and animations. The project also included the conception and design of lots, which contributed to a significant increase in sales. For us, accessibility is always a basic prerequisite for promoting inclusion.

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Airport Klagenfurt

Airport Klagenfurt – 360° campaign

dmcgroup has been the lead agency for Klagenfurt Airport since 2019, providing support in the areas of strategy, design, development and marketing. Content creation is a fundamental part of our work, including logo and name development, the development of a corporate identity and advertising campaign (creation of animated illustrations for Google banners, social media ads and out-of-home spaces) as well as digital marketing (facelift and further development of the website and campaigns on digital channels such as Google and Facebook).

Airport Klagenfurt
Kinowelt TV

Kinowelt TV – Channel Rebranding

Pure cinema feeling – the new purist design for the only true movie channel KinoweltTV. With Vertigo effect, neon sign appearance and everything that cineastes love. We were responsible for several aspects of the project, including content creation, social media, video production and digital advertising. Creating customized content for different platforms to appeal to the target audience and increase engagement was a key part of the project.

Kinowelt Stagebild

Are you looking for a partner to create accessible digital solutions for your company? Work with our agency to create a future where innovation and accessibility go hand in hand and enable an inclusive digital transformation.

Tamara Himler

Tamara Himler, Client Service Director
M +43 676 93 83 137