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Marketing services for lottery & gambling providers

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular, mobile and legal. The market is growing, but so is the competition. We support four gaming providers with successful 360° marketing services.

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Our Projects

In the following, we would like to present four examples of cases in which we have successfully supported lottery and gambling providers in recent years.

Brand, branding, UX, UI, frontend for Die Spielbank

State-legal Chaka-Chaka

Our brand claim “Hier spielt Deutschland” makes it clear: the first state-owned, fully licensed provider of virtual gambling is serious about the State Treaty on Gambling and the goal of driving illegal providers out of the market. And the customers? They enjoy chaka moments at

Market maturity with 360° marketing services
We set up agile work processes, develop UX concepts for core processes, design the brand’s mission statement, claim and image, design the front end and implement it technically. On top of this, we develop the advertising campaign and the launch video. After seven months of concerted teamwork, Die Spielbank was successfully launched in January 2023.

Die Spielbank
Casino St. Moritz

And the winners are: All of them!

Casino, team, guests and the municipality of St. Moritz are the winners of the new development of the Casino St. Moritz brand. The game without losers began with the casino’s brand relaunch.

The brand always wins
We started with a bold, innovation-oriented brand mission statement and the new corporate design. This is followed by the website, recruiting measures and interior design. Developed and implemented by us as a full-service agency.


The new lottery of generations x, y and z

Quick in, quick out: playing is fun, and if a few euros come out of it – all the better. We put this feeling into the claim and the online campaign “From now to happiness”.

From now to luck
With exciting composites of people and games, joy and gambling, surprise and chance, as videos or images, for YouTube, Google Ads and many others, the launch of GAMES is a complete success.

Games Stage
Aktion Mensch

Have you ever spontaneously bought a Aktion Mensch lottery ticket?

In addition to the peak season, sales are to be increased throughout the year. The raffle tickets will be placed in retail stores near the cash registers next to the vouchers (what is the exact name?) from Telekom, Spotify and Amazon. There, impulse purchases are triggered solely by awareness of the logo.

Aktion Mensch

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Tamara Himler

Tamara Himler, Client Service Director M +43 676 93 83 137

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Dirk Thieme, Managing Director