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Employer Branding und Recruiting-Kampagne

Working in a call center? Never!

Recognize prejudices
Annoying calls, noisy open-plan offices, poor pay, no development opportunities – only disadvantages! None of these prejudices apply to the ALLYSCA call center – quite the opposite!

Name advantages
Flexible working hours, meaningful work, strong team spirit, zero boredom, individual career opportunities, security in a large corporation and much more.

Trigger enthusiasm
ALLYSCA employees are bursting with motivation! Enthusiasm, joy, love of people, teamwork, advancement, purpose – a real desire for call centers.

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Since: 2023


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ALLYSCA Kampagne


Employer Branding

We are developing the employer value proposition (EVP): Making a career with empathy, empathy instead of a perfect CV. The corporate brand ALLYSCA will give its name to the campaign: ALLTAGSHELD, ALLERLIEBSTE, ALLESKÖNNERIN – Welcome!


From the meat counter to the phone. From kicker to team leader.


Careers in the call center have an infinite number of paths. Our most important personas are students, career changers and professionals. We capture their stories in 15 disarming, candid video stories that inspire enthusiasm for the job.

Low-threshold advertising, make it big!

Career page and landing pages

We make it as easy as possible for every interested party. All the hurdles are gone: long job descriptions, endless application dialogs, boring “About us” monologues – everything out, everything new!

Allysca Recruiting
Allysca Recruiting 2

Our Team

Employer branding and recruiting campaigns in the call center were a new challenge for us, which we took on with motivation and pleasure. There are no standard solutions here, because we wanted to turn the prejudices of a call center into advantages. Allysca is a special project for us that has exceeded all expectations.

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