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Online advertising campaign for GAMES

The new lottery for generations X, Y and Z

Are you between 20 and 40 and have never filled out a lottery ticket before? Quite normal, but a problem for state lottery providers. The solution bears the brittle name “instant lottery”. But it’s extremely cool.

Client: Sächsische Lotto-GmbH, Leipzig

Year: 2022/2023


Campaign Concept Consulting Design Motion Design

Our services

From now to luck

Quick in, quick out: playing is fun, and if a few euros come out of it – all the better. We pack this feeling into the “From now to luck” campaign. With exciting composites of people and games, joy and gambling, surprise and chance, as videos or pictures.

dmcgroup developed the campaign from the concept, slogan and key visuals to the product motifs. Advertising material was also produced for the launch campaign and subsequent campaigns for all channels.

From the sketch to the final animated advertising material!

Advertising media production

A concept. All media.

YouTube, Instagram, homepage, Google Ads – we produce a total of x variants in portrait and landscape, moving and still, with and without CTA for every format, every medium, visually and technically optimized.

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Our Team

From the initial idea to the final campaign, our experts accompanied the entire process. A campaign that was really fun

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