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Channel branding for kabel eins

A new home for classics on kabel eins CLASSICS

Once again, we have given kabel eins CLASSICS, kabel eins’ elegant little pay TV sister, a new look. The new station design continues to impress with its simplicity and striking colors, but has been transformed into a contemporary look in which all the classics are presented in a modern and fresh way.

Client: Seven.One Pay TV

Since: 2021


Corporate Design Motion Design On-Air Design

Our services

A brand new classic

dmcgroup designed the following elements for the new classical music channel:

  • On-Air Design
  • Advertising bumper
  • Promo-packaging
  • Design-package online

The clean lines and expressive colors give the channel a fresh, contemporary look while preserving the roots and character of Kabel Eins Classics. The clever integration of modern design elements creates a seamless link between the past and the present, allowing viewers to experience the timeless films and series in a whole new way.

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Content Creation

On-Air Design & Online Design

Our experienced team develops customized online campaigns and promo productions to make the unique content of kabel eins CLASSICS accessible to a broad audience. Through innovative approaches and creative strategies, we use social media platforms and visually appealing advertising materials to convey the fascination of classic films and series and leave a lasting impression.

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Kabel eins classics Social Media

Our Team

The kabel eins CLASSICS Channel team consists of creative minds who have developed a versatile design package with great dedication and passion.

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