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Award design and promo production for KiKA

Lights off – neon on!

The ARD and ZDF children’s channel celebrates all the children and young people who get involved and not only gives them a stage with the KiKA Award, but also presents them with a very special award. For the annual awards, we produced a neon-look show and design package that is as unique, colorful, modern, individual and diverse as the individual categories of the award show.

Client: KiKA – The children’s channel of ARD & ZDF

Since: 2021


Audio-Design Award Design Branding Corporate Design Motion Design Promoproduction

Our services

Branding, show design & multimedia design package

For the newly created KiKA Award, we produced a multimedia design package that is as unique, colorful, modern and diverse as the individual categories of the full-length live show.

  • Design concept for all distribution channels and platforms

  • Consignment graphic incl. Openers, category openers, belly bands, dividers, backgrounds, etc.

  • Audio design with original compositions and adaptations to the respective applications

  • Show design with different display of various studio screens

  • Production of call and show trailers incl. own trailer packaging

  • Design of the award trophies

  • Design templates for digital and online applications

In 2024, we will also be able to support KiKA with the design of new categories, trailers and promo productions.

KiKA Award Digitale Assets

Design concept

A colorful room full of creativity

Through an innovative combination of modern design and bright colors, we have ensured that the KiKA Award has a visual aesthetic that highlights the extraordinary achievements of children and young people.

Our focus was to create a design that was not only contemporary, but also recognized the unique talents and achievements of the young award winners. Each element has been carefully selected to create a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere that encourages the audience to celebrate the creative excellence of the children and young people.

KiKA Award Visuals

Our Team

The team behind the newly created KiKA Award unites creative minds who have developed a multimedia design package with passion and dedication.

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