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Channel redesign for Seven.One Pay TV

SAT.1 emotions – The channel for great emotions!

A channel that stands for a life full of emotions. Since its launch in 2012, SAT.1 emotions has established itself as an integral part of the German pay TV market.

The channel’s programme offers a world full of suspense, drama and unforgettable moments. It includes the hottest US series hits as well as internationally acclaimed dramas and thrilling crime highlights. SAT.1 emotions offers something for everyone.

With our rebrand, we are leading the channel into a new era with a modern logo and fresh channel design. The design is clear and straightforward and appeals to a larger target group. We have given the feminine, flowing key visual a new interpretation that takes the identity to a whole new level. Our new design is fresher and easier to use. We rely on a palette of three strong and clear colours that make SAT.1 emotions unmistakable and give it a unique character.

Client: Seven.One Pay Entertainment Pay TV

Since: 2019


A new logo

More than a facelift with a versatile character The new logo stands for clarity, modernity and versatility.

The coloured ball of the parent channel remains the central visual element, combining self-confidence and entertainment while at the same time underlining the diversity and vibrancy of the brand. The logo thus becomes the centrepiece of the rebrand and suits every mood of the channel, from action and excitement to romance and humour.

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Promo Package

We give the programme the space it needs

The promo package is one of the most distinctive elements of the SAT.1 emotions programme. It embodies freshness and modernity and thus reflects the brand. The content is given enough space to shine without the packaging taking centre stage. The design of the promo packaging is defined by the characteristic colour scheme and concise transitions, which makes the channel unmistakable.

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Commercial Bumper

The advert bumpers bring all the emotions.

Clear and full of feeling – that’s how the SAT.1 emotion advert bumpers work. They combine different emotions in an entertaining way and relate them to each other using the channel’s characteristic animations.

Each ad break represents a specific genre from the channel’s programme, such as action, drama, romance or suspense. The vivid colours of the SAT.1 emotions rebrand give each advertising bumper a unique identity and bring the diverse emotions together perfectly.

The result is a mixture of entertainment and passion that perfectly reflects the character of our channel and the direction of the redesign.

Online design

A station with a standardised brand design Our rebrand also applies to the station’s website, which not only provides all the important information on station reception, but also brings the entire programme and highlights to the fore. Designed with the clear lines and vibrant colours of SAT.1 emotions, the on-air and online experience merge into a unified brand experience.

Unser Rebrand betrifft auch die Website des Senders, die nicht nur alle wichtigen Infos zum Senderempfang liefert, sondern auch das gesamte Programm und die Highlights in den Vordergrund rückt. Mit den klaren Linien und den lebendigen Farben von SAT.1 emotions gestaltet, verschmelzen hier On Air und Online-Erfahrung zu einem einheitlichen Markenerlebnis.

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Our Team

With a lot of emotion, passion and creativity in their luggage, our motion experts took on the exciting challenge of the channel redesign for SAT.1 emotions.

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