The project

Aktion Mensch: A new corporate design

The client

Not just a individual client – a whole institution!

•  Over 1,000 support projects a month for people with disabilities, children and young persons
•  Since its founding approx. 3 billion Euro cash-flow implemented in charitable projects
•  Over 4.6 billion lottery participants
•  Nearing a 50-year track record of a society full of diversity with all of us being the winning element

The task

Brand relaunch in print, TV, online, social media, POS, campaigns plus below-the-line.

The challenge

Establishing a new cross-media brand presence prioritising on Aktion Mensch campaigns and goals. Reaching younger target groups is a particular focus and clarifying who Aktion Mensch actually is, at the same time not leaving the what and why unanswered.

The concept

Aktion Mensch goes way beyond being a top brand: it’s an idea that thrives off each and every individual working within. Subsequently the individual becomes brand content.

Each campaign empowers Aktion Mensch as a brand and at the same time is a part of it. This is the reason why we took individual operations, projects and initiatives and set these in the centre of the new Corporate Design. With the contributing persons assuming the role as heartbeat of communications they are in fact brand core.

It is much more than a logo and so much more than just the originator. It is a key element in the communication and an essential part of the statement. The brand Aktion Mensch actually makes projects visible and tangible.

Special thanks

A client with a highly contagious passion and élan.
Aktion Mensch, thank you!