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Accessible corporate design and brand relaunch

As the largest private funding organization in Germany, Aktion Mensch supports social development projects for people with and without disabilities. dmcgroup has been supporting them since 2014 in the areas of print, TV, online, social media, POS, promotions and below the line.

A new cross-media brand identity aims to bring Aktion Mensch’s activities and goals more clearly to the fore, reach broader and younger audiences, and clearly communicate who Aktion Mensch is, what it does, and why it does it.

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The 2017 Annual Report – We have more in common than we think.

For several years, we have been privileged to support Aktion Mensch in the design of their annual report. For 2017, everything was under the sign “We have more in common than we think”. The new corporate design was applied to all content. Visual language, iconographies, color compositions and table representations were the focus.
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The successful model – do good and win.

As the largest private funding organization in Germany, Aktion Mensch supports people with and without disabilities as well as socially disadvantaged children and young people. Aktion Mensch follows a very simple principle: do good and win. With the lottery you can win up to two million euros and at the same time support social projects, campaigns and actions that anchor inclusion in society.
dmcgroup supported Aktion Mensch in the development of new lottery tickets, displays, sales promotion and the Aktion Mensch winner TV show on ZDF.
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Aktion Mensch lives inclusion

The focus of the commitment is on the individual in his or her uniqueness and with his or her special abilities. Aktion Mensch believes that diversity improves the quality of life for all people. Aktion Mensch is committed to ensuring that all people participate equally in society – at work, at school, at home, in their leisure time.

dmcgroup developed an image film about the claim and actions of Aktion Mensch. The goal is to create a society where differences are normal.

A customer whose energy and passion is contagious. Thank you Aktion Mensch.