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Digital Design Systems

Controlling digital products with design systems

A design system is a set of design principles, components, guidelines and tools used to ensure consistency and efficiency in the creation process of all digital products in an organization.

These assets serve as a single source of truth for designers, developers and other stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly and create brand-compliant user interfaces and experiences.

Working closely with our clients, we create adaptable design systems that meet their specific needs and enable them to tackle design challenges with confidence. Our team is at your side for the development, optimization and maintenance of your design systems.

The advantages of a design system:

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  1. 1. Efficiency
  • retains reusable design and code assets
  • increases productivity and improves collaboration
  • reduces costs
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2. Highest quality
  • aims to achieve a uniform appearance and feel
  • Updates after usability tests
  • fulfills new business requirements
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3. Consistent brand experience
  • increases general satisfaction with the brand
  • conveys the values and culture of the company
  • initiates and hosts brand updates

Our toolbox

We are constantly testing, reviewing and learning about the latest technologies in order to develop fresh and creative solutions for our customers. We have mastered the leading and most useful tools for the benefit of our customers in the following areas:

Our Services

Together with our clients, we develop scalable design systems that meet their individual requirements and enable them to tackle design challenges with confidence. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep a design system fine-tuned and adaptable to dynamic project specifications. This includes updating components, taking feedback into account and integrating new design patterns.

Maintenance of the design library

We have the in-house technical knowledge to create and maintain design libraries so that your team can give free rein to their creativity. Together we can achieve an outstanding design regardless of your preferred platform (Sketch or Figma). Our dedicated team ensures that your design assets are well organized, updated and optimized for maximum productivity.

Documentation of the design system

A well-documented design system enables teams to ensure consistency, efficiency and quality for all of a company’s digital products. Created with precision and expertise, it reduces the consulting effort and serves as a valuable reference point for design and code reviews. Together we can create your single source of truth.

UX/UI consulting

With our experienced UX/UI consultants, you can improve the designs of your projects and ensure that every detail complies with the guidelines of your design system. Our dedicated efforts guarantee user-centered digital experiences that promote customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the support of our UX/UI consultants, companies can identify and address usability issues early in the design process, saving time and resources in the long run.

We support the creation, optimization and maintenance of design systems. Let’s work together on your digital user journeys and improve the customer experience!

Our Projects

In the following section, we would like to present four examples of how we have successfully implemented innovative technologies for digital product development in partnership with our customers over the past few years.


Globales Design System

We supported Allianz global as one of the world’s leading financial services companies in the creation, development and maintenance of its B2C/B2E design system. From pixel-perfect icons to components and complex patterns, we worked with Allianz to develop a scalable, accessible and well-documented design system that modernizes the look and feel of numerous digital products and optimizes the brand experience for customers and employees.

Design System Allianz

Digitaler Situation Room: Situation R

For our client FAS Research, we have been developing the central, digital tool SituationR software for the implementation of collaborative workshops for decision-making for several years. In close cooperation with the client, the product vision and central design principles resulted in a successful digital product that is used by FAS Research both for workshops with a physical presence and for remote formats. The agile, user-centered way of working is crucial to the success of the software, as is the trusting collaboration and regular exchange with the customer’s product team.

svg+xml;charset=utf dmcgroup

Smartphone app for train attendants

The latest Nightjet and Railjet train sets from ÖBB are equipped with the latest sensor and control technology and can therefore be fully digitally configured and maintained in the interior. Together with a team from ÖBB Personenverkehr AG and ÖBB Business Competence Center, we at dmcgroup conceived and designed a web application for train attendants’ smartphones. This application enables the control and monitoring of all functions in the train that previously had to be carried out manually in each carriage. The application was developed in an agile project setup with the ongoing involvement of train attendants.

ÖBB Vorschaubild Produkt-Design

Our experts

With decades of expertise behind them and plenty of creativity in their blood, our experts are at your side. This is also the case for our customers Allianz, ÖBB and Erste Bank & Sparkassen.

Are you looking for a partner for the digital transformation of your company? Work with our agency to shape a future in which design and efficiency merge.

Tamara Himler

Tamara Himler, Client Service Director M +43 676 93 83 137