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Employer branding and career website are based on the international strategy

Welcome by modern banking

Mönchengladbach, top modern head office, fourth largest bank in Europe, around 3,000 employees – but hardly anyone outside Mönchengladbach knows this. As a strategic partner and agency for employer branding, we were called in to radically change and develop this:
  • The new employer branding concept based on the international strategy
  • A recruiting campaign for all employee target groups
  • The completely revamped careers website

Client: Santander

Since: 2021


Career website Concept Employer brand Employer Branding Employer branding strategy Recruiting campaign
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Employer branding rethought

Just don’t be like a bank

Many jobs are atypical bank jobs: DevOps Engineers, Mobility Specialists and Call Center Agents. The classic banker jobs include young people: (dual) students and trainees throughout Germany. The unifying theme: “Together we can achieve great things”.

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Career website

The new website

The strategic platform is the newly developed employer value proposition (EVP): “Shared responsibility and respect for clients and team as well as exceptional career opportunities outside the financial centers.”

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Concept, design, content and SEO

We completely redeveloped and redesigned the website and implemented it technically with the internal IT department, which set up an API to Workday, among other things.

  • We develop a structure that creates space for the employer brand, target groups and jobs and enables targeted navigation
  • The content pages follow a clearly structured layout, which promotes a high, generic ranking and thus reaches job seekers who enter via search engines
  • We align web design and artwork with the new employer branding and corporate design
  • We develop a flexible target group approach across life stages (trainees, students, professionals), teams (technology, support, finance) and key topics (e.g. for IT, graduates)
  • We create texts that are precisely tailored to individual target groups and provide strong keywords for SEO

Here is the link to the career website:

Applying made easy

Two clicks to a job, the third already in the application dialog: it should be uncomplicated and fast. Welcome to Modern Banking!… /traineeprogramme/

“We have opened a little door to Mönchengladbach for many Frankfurters.”

Dirk Thieme, Managing Director

Our Team

With a lot of motivation, innovative thinking and, above all, enjoyment of the project, our team designed a recruiting campaign for Santander that inspires and attracts new employees.

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