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User Experience

Why frustration and joy depend on a good UX concept

by Tamara Himler


When dealing with countless similar or interchangeable products on a daily basis, each of these products can simplify or complicate our lives. If the expectations of users are met, they perceive the use as positive and thus decide on the economic success of the product and whether they give it their loyalty. It also determines how the company’s image is perceived as a whole.

In view of the sustainable establishment of your own products and services on the market, a well thought-out user experience design is of immense importance.
Let a few figures speak for themselves:

Satisfied customers are loyal customers

Connect your products and services through UX design?

If you have the right partner to advise you, it is not a difficult undertaking. Our user experience designers – UX designers for short – advise you on how to understand your users and satisfy them in the best possible way.

From requirements analysis, including user research, to conceptualization and prototyping. This was followed by iterative user testing through to a final visual design and its implementation.
Is that exactly what you need?

If you have been thinking about optimizing or developing your product for some time, then we are the right partner for you. We work with you to develop a user-centered, intuitive and user-friendly user interface. We will be happy to advise you on the most efficient way to integrate us into your project. Let us advise you.

We will guide you through the following steps:

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We are more than just experts – our dedicated team of designers, developers and marketing specialists work hand in hand to take your digital presence to the next level.

Ready for the next step?
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Get to know real users, their requirements and the context of use

First of all, we determine the requirements in an initial joint workshop. This inception workshop helps you to develop a vision for your product that meets the needs of your users and your company in equal measure. Together with you, we select the workshop format (Design Thinking & Sprints, Lean UX etc.) that suits your company and product, your working methods and target group as well as your time and budget requirements.

You work closely with us to find out what your users really want and expect, naturally taking your company’s requirements into account. We work with you to identify your target group (user personas) and usage scenarios (user journeys). Depending on this, further user research measures are defined.

The aim is to get to know and understand the real users, their requirements and the context of use as well as possible. All findings from this phase, as well as all other requirements for the new product, are incorporated into an initial concept and wireframes.

Develop information architecture and user interface

Based on the aforementioned product analysis and the user research process, we develop an initial UX concept and structural prototypes – often in parallel. The aim is to develop a user-oriented information architecture and ensure that the concept does not reflect the internal view of your company, but corresponds to the mental model of your users.

Immediately afterwards, we develop a user interface using rapid prototyping – i.e. early visualization and iterative optimization. This agile method allows all project participants and, above all, your users to provide early feedback on different variants and correct our concept if necessary.
Depending on the project requirements, the prototypes can have a different level of detail and be provided with essential interactivity.

Test structure and processes and identify potential for improvement

During the design phase, the concept statuses – i.e. structure and processes – are tested in parallel with ongoing development. The feedback is discussed in a joint workshop and incorporated into the concept. The prototype can then be improved interactively and visually on the basis of user feedback.
In usability tests, real users use your application so that weak points in operation can be identified and practical recommendations and improvements can be made based on practical recommendations. We recruit those users from your target group according to your exact requirements. Our experienced consultants will also test your application intensively and identify potential for improvement based on their expertise and experience.

Wireframes, interactive prototypes, style guides and documentation

The final concept can be either documented wireframes or a fully developed interactive prototype. You decide how detailed you want the documentation to be and whether we can also support you with the implementation.

We create visually appealing user interfaces to match your corporate design for a consistent user experience. Our designers combine current design trends with proven interaction design patterns, usability standards and UX guidelines with accessibility requirements.
Through iterative testing with users from your target group, we ensure that the aesthetic, functional and communicative aspects also harmonize perfectly in terms of a holistic user experience. A graphic style guide and UI documentation for technical implementation ensure that you remain flexible for further developments.

The result: a good user experience, more users and sustainable sales!

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