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Recruiting and Employer Branding

Wanted and found: highly specialized Master’s computer scientists!

Highly specialized computer scientists and Master’s graduates: virtually invisible on the job market, they don’t have to “apply” themselves.

Offering a career in places where the target groups live: in university canteens, student halls of residence and public transport. In a language that only specialists understand. Online marketing was deliberately avoided.

Awareness was created in the core target group, leads were established, contacts were made and events and exchanges were offered. And successfully recruited new colleagues.

Client: Itestra

Since: 2021/22


Design Employer Branding Recruiting

We make you an offer…

… when you’re on the subway, on the bus or streetcar, getting some fresh air on campus, eating in the canteen or drinking coffee.



We invite you to work with the best

the campaign uses an approach that only the few who are being sought understand. Their sought-after skills are presented in a striking way. Result: Works!

itestra Ad
itestra Ad
itestra Ad

What must the employer value proposition (EVP) for IT specialists include?

It must take into account the specific needs, career goals and interests of IT professionals in order to create an attractive employer image and attract talented IT professionals.

Technological challenges
The EVP should emphasize that the employer offers challenging and innovative projects where IT specialists can develop their technical skills and explore new technologies. The opportunity to work on exciting projects and tackle technological challenges is often of great importance for IT specialists.

Career opportunities and further development
IT specialists are often keen to advance their careers and develop further. The EVP should emphasize opportunities for professional growth, training, certifications and advancement. It is important to show them clear prospects and development opportunities within the company.

Flexible working environment
IT specialists value flexibility in working hours and the option of working remotely. An EVP that emphasizes a flexible work environment, flexible working hours and home office options can be attractive to IT specialists.

Innovation culture
IT specialists are often curious by nature and have an interest in innovation. The EPP should emphasize a culture of innovation and experimentation in which IT specialists can contribute their ideas and develop innovative solutions.

Teamwork and collaboration
IT projects often require collaboration and teamwork. The EVP should emphasize a collaborative and team-oriented work culture in which IT specialists have the opportunity to work with other professionals, share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Values and corporate culture
An EVP should also emphasize the employer’s values and corporate culture. IT specialists often look for an employer that promotes ethical standards, social responsibility and a supportive work environment.

Competitive remuneration and benefits
Die EVP sollte eine wettbewerbsfähige Vergütung und attraktive Zusatzleistungen wie flexible Arbeitszeiten, betriebliche Altersvorsorge, Gesundheitsleistungen, Weiterbildungsbudgets und andere finanzielle Anreize hervorheben, um IT-Spezialisten anzusprechen und zu halten.

Itestra Recruiting

What are the particular challenges in recruiting highly specialized computer scientists?

First and foremost, the needs and expectations of highly specialized computer scientists must be taken into account.

Technological development
The IT industry is constantly evolving, and highly specialized computer scientists must have up-to-date knowledge and skills to meet the demands. Identifying candidates with the latest knowledge and experience can be an exciting challenge.

Requirements for the cultural factor
Computer scientists often have specific preferences and expectations of the corporate culture and working environment. It is important to create a corporate culture that is attractive to highly specialized computer scientists and meets their needs and expectations.

Rapid technological change
The technological landscape is changing rapidly, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in order to attract highly specialized computer scientists. An employer’s willingness to continuously develop is important in order to be successful in the competition for talent.

Passive candidates
Many highly specialized computer scientists are satisfied in their current positions and are not actively looking for a job. They are passive candidates who need to be convinced to leave their current employer and take an interest in a new position.

Our Team

Behind this employer branding campaign is a team that achieves the client’s goal through the synergy of strategy and design: to attract the right employees to itestra!

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