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Recruiting campaign, storytelling, design, front and back end

Metafinanz: It all started with the job

Employer branding is important, and the larger the company, the more important it is. Only one thing is even more important: attractive job offers.
We are developing the concept, storytelling, design, front and back end for the new career site.

Client: metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH

Since: 2022


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Step 1 in recruiting: Making jobs visible

Making job offers that meet job seekers – that is the task. On the career website anyway, but above all where the job search begins: in the search engines, to which we provide structured data and keyword-optimized information. This improves the search results for each individual job and does not leave the field to the job boards.


Automated interface to SuccessFactors

At metafinanz, employee management runs via SuccessFactors. In order to make all open jobs visible on the web on a daily basis and at the same time keep the workload for the HR team low, a customized interface between SF and the career site was created to automate this service.

And employer branding?

The answer to the question “What makes metafinanz an attractive employer for me?” permeates every sentence, every picture and every function on the new careers page. Jobseekers can experience the Employee Life Cycle of metafinanz employees in chronological order: from onboarding to alumni, everything that makes the employer attractive is presented – by metafinanz employees themselves.

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What does successful employer branding have to achieve?

The aim of employer branding is to build an attractive employer brand so that companies can attract, motivate and retain the talent that will ensure their performance.

Employee-centered approach
Successful employer brands focus on their employees and their experiences and take their needs and expectations into account to create a positive working environment.

Multi-channel marketing
Employer branding must take place on many channels, including social media, company websites, job advertisements, career fairs, etc., in order to reach target groups.

Personalized approach
A personalized approach arouses the interest of potential applicants and shows them that companies perceive and value them as individuals.

Inclusion and diversity
Inclusion and diversity create an inclusive working environment that attracts talent from different backgrounds and does not exclude anyone.

Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
The EVP describes the employer’s promise to its employees and answers the question: why should I work for this company?

Employee engagement and recommendations
Employee commitment and recommendations strengthen trust in the employer brand. Those who have many recommendations convey a high level of trust in the employer among employees.

What does a good career site need to do?

A career website should appeal to, inform and motivate interested parties. It helps to ensure that potential applicants perceive the company as an attractive employer and are motivated to apply to join the company.

A good careers website should be clearly and concisely designed to inform potential applicants quickly and easily. This includes clear navigation, a good structure and comprehensible texts.

Job advertisements
A good career website must contain up-to-date job advertisements that attractively summarize the requirements, tasks and career opportunities for the applicant(s) and encourage them to apply.

Information about the company
It should contain detailed information about the company, its values, culture, products and services so that applicants can form a holistic picture.

Testimonials from employees
A career website should include employee testimonials to give potential applicants credible insights into the company’s work culture and working conditions.

Contact options
Establish communication! Contact details such as e-mail address or telephone number must be provided for applicants to enable queries or applications.

Up-to-dateness and regular maintenance
Career websites should be regularly updated and maintained to ensure the accuracy of information and job offers and to keep them attractive to applicants.

User-friendliness and mobile optimization
A good career website must be user-friendly and mobile-optimized in order to offer a pleasant browsing experience and reach applicants on different devices.

What needs to be considered for an API from a career site to SuccessFactors?

Data integrity and security
Security and data protection are of the utmost importance. It must be ensured that all data transmitted via the API is encrypted and protected to prevent unauthorized disclosure.

The API integration must be able to handle a high number of requests.

Continuous maintenance and updating of an API integration is required to ensure that it remains up to date and functions smoothly.

An API must adhere to all SuccessFactors compliance requirements to ensure that the API is used legally and ethically.

Use of secure protocols
The API integration should only use secure protocols such as HTTPS to transfer data in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

API versioning
Note the versioning of the API to ensure that your integration works smoothly, even if SuccessFactors makes changes to the API.

Monitoring and logging
Monitoring and logging API calls ensures that potential problems can be identified and quickly resolved.

Error handling
Mechanisms for error handling and the return of appropriate error codes and messages must be implemented to make your integration resilient.

Tests and quality assurance
Comprehensive tests and quality assurance measures ensure error-free and effective operation.

Our Team

Our experts not only have impressive technical and design skills, but also know what it takes to communicate an employer brand and to create a successful recruiting campaign.

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