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User experience and front-end development for device lifecycle management web application

Portal for the maintenance of self-service devices

dmcgroup has been responsible for the user experience design of the self-service user interface of Erste Bank and Sparkassen for several years. Following the launch of the new interface, we were able to play a key role in the new application for device management.

The “self-service portal” is a web application that supports bank employees in the monitoring, maintenance and lifecycle management of several thousand self-service devices.

In close cooperation with experts from Erste Digital, Erste Bank and the savings banks, the application is analyzed, rethought, redesigned and implemented function by function.

Client: Erste Bank and Sparkassen / Erste Digital

Since: 2022


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Erste Bank SB Portal Teaser 1

Use cases

Focus on the essentials – good usability is also essential for experts

The new self-service portal replaces established software that has been in use for many years. One problem with the outdated software was the lack of weighting of information. In view of the large amounts of data, this is a problem for usability.

An important part of our work with Erste Digital is to present the right information at the right time along the user journeys:

  • Provide a quick overview of device status and problems
  • Clear recognizability of devices by displaying essential data
  • Show extended view with additional data
  • Enable retrieval of a complete detailed view with all data

For many applications, the overview view or a quick look through extended device data is sufficient – thanks to the new design, this is now possible more quickly and efficiently.

Erste Bank SB Portal Teaser

Information design

Show, don’t tell – Graphic visualization of device status and history

A key innovation of the self-service portal is the way in which weighted and aggregated information is presented. We rely on information design and use interactive infographics to make device status and correlations comprehensible at a glance.

Information graphics are used to display device availability, the current cash balance and the history of the cash balance in the device. Further visualizations are currently being planned.

Erste Bank SB Portal Teaser 2


Modular design system for expandability and change of perspective

Expandability and modularity are already built into the design system used. The central device search and the display of self-service devices as the smallest unit are designed in such a way that different perspectives on the self-service device landscape can be mapped in future releases of the software:

  • Level of the individual device
  • View of the store with all associated devices & logs
  • Branch cluster or institution view with evaluation dashboard

dmcgroup is proud to have been able to support Erste Bank and the savings banks in the self-service sector for so long and so comprehensively.

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Our Team

Our team’s goal is to make ATM transactions convenient, secure and efficient. And not just for the bank’s customers, but also on the “other” side for the employees in the branches.

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Erste Bank SB Portal Stage

Erste Bank and Sparkassen self-service portal

Portal for the maintenance of self-service devices
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