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Erste Bank – Selfservice User Interface

Corporate Design Update for Selfservice User Interface

Beauty treatment for 4,000 ATMs

Time has also left its mark on ATMs. Working 24/7 in all weathers and reliably serving hundreds of customers every day – that scratches the surface.

It is therefore fitting that Erste Bank and the savings banks have given themselves a new corporate design. Our task is to transfer the design to the ATMs in a user-friendly and screen-optimized way – and to smooth out a few wrinkles along the way.

We were already able to achieve very positive results with the design of the self-service user interfaces in 2020. The current CD update was customized for digital media and young target groups: Logo monochrome, fresher strong colors and an easy to read modern font.

Client: Erste Bank & Sparkassen

Since: 2023


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Screenshot des Erste Bank und Sparkasse Selfservice User Interface Designs vor den aktuellen Logos der Erste Group

Our services

Withdrawing money becomes a brand experience

Brands are sensitive beings. One bad experience and the image is gone forever. Together with our customer, we are doing everything we can to make ATMs the most popular touchpoint for bank customers.

Eine Auswahl von Ansichten des neuen Erste Bank Selfservice User Interface Designs: Idle Screen, Homescreen, Betragsauswahl, Bargeldentnahme, Betragseingabe bei Überweisung

Analysis and concept

We analyze the elements of the new CD in order to ensure the optimal user experience in the self-service user interface design of the ATMs and to bring out the best in the new design.

Lighting situations and screen types

The outside light – from darkness to midday sun and neon light – has an enormous influence on the usability of ATMs. The same applies to the 3 different screen types, for which all UI elements must function equally well. We consider and test all variants and successively optimize the design.

Frontend Technology

Our front-end developers put the finishing touches to the new self-service user interface design, which is tested in edge case tests (large amounts of text, responsive UI elements, accessibility) for suitability for everyday use and technically optimized. A total of up to 1,000 possible screens were taken into account in the quality assurance, resulting from the combination of possible screen sizes, functions and display modes.

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Our Team

Our team’s goal is to make ATM transactions convenient, secure and efficient.

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