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Leads, contacts and customer acquisition

Gain new customers overnight

Winning new leads and customers is the result of know-how, passion and time. The latter – time – determines whether we solve your problem in a hurry. Or whether you are successful over the long term.

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Leads, contacts and customer acquisition

New customers overnight!

We place your products directly where customers are looking for them. Beide Methoden haben unschlagbare Vorteile: Sie wirken sofort und direkt und müssen nur bezahlt werden, wenn sie angeklickt werden.

Search engine advertising (SEA)

Products are searched for via search engines. However, only those products that are placed at the top of the search results are found and purchased. We ensure high placement of your products, which immediately boosts your sales. Our experience, measurement methods and micro-optimizations make the campaign efficient, transparent and successful for you.

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Display advertising (Google Ads)

We place your product advertising on the websites that your customers visit. This triggers spontaneous buying impulses that have a direct impact on your sales. Customers who click on your advertisement but do not buy are targeted again (re-marketing)

Campaign tracking with Matomo

Would you like to harness the transformative power of AI for your company? With our innovative AI solutions, we can help you increase your efficiency with intelligent designs and technologies.

SEO, Content & Storytelling

New customers overnight!

With three measures, we can ensure that your products are found and purchased permanently without investing a cent in online advertising. We optimize your product presentations and target group communication so that customers come across your products naturally.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The structure, texts, images, search terms, tags and server performance (on-page optimization) as well as the links to and from your website (off-page optimization) are optimized.

The result: Your products are presented so perfectly for search engines that they are listed very high (organic ranking).

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Content & Storytelling

People like exciting stories and original presentations. We optimize your product descriptions (texts, images) so that your customers experience benefits that they won’t get anywhere else.

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Social Media

The medium of young people! This is where brands reach the hearts of young target groups and generate awareness and sympathy that can last a lifetime. We work out a customized concept, design your channels and develop editorial plans together. Filling the channels with life (posts, stories, etc.) should then be managed by a team in your company that enjoys social media.

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Our marketing tools

We are constantly testing, reviewing and learning about the latest technologies in order to develop fresh and creative solutions for our customers. We have mastered the leading and most useful tools for the benefit of our customers in the following areas:

We support you in finding the right strategy for acquiring new customers and implementing measures quickly!

Tamara Himler

Tamara Himler, Client Service Director
M +43 676 93 83 137