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Website Relaunch & Online Marketing for Hotel Mondschein

Tradition – Innovation – Modernity

For many years now, we have had the privilege of supporting Hotel Mondschein in its digital presence, as well as in the area of online marketing. And it was time again to give the hotel’s website a new, modern look. The result is a website that reflects the hotel’s combination of tradition and modernity, accompanied by a Google AdWords campaign and SEO measures.

Client: Hotel Mondschein

Since: 2018


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A new chapter for the hotel on the Arlberg

Not only the design was revised, but also the complete navigation structure and the content. The goal should be that visitors not only find all the information as quickly as possible, but also can book a room in the easiest way. Due to the newly developed template, the customer is offered the possibility to edit his own site on the basis of modules and the website can thus be constantly developed further without great effort.

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Design Refresh

Clear communication across all touchpoints

In recent years, the two different houses – the hotel and the chalet – have caused confusion. The clear separation through navigation and design creates understanding and leads the visitor logically through the page.

Due to the seasonally driven business of the industry, a switch has been introduced, which allows the completely independent summer and winter site to each have clearly separated content and differentiated communication.

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Online Marketing

Digital marketing strategy

In order to get the relaunch out into the world in the best possible way, a complete online marketing strategy was set up in parallel. The following elements were supported by dmcgroup:

Google Adwords Campaign

The campaign setup included independent campaigns for the hotel rooms, remarketing and a brand campaign – each in Austrian, German-speaking and English-speaking countries. The current Adwords campaign targets the following aspects:

Keyword Optimization
The keywords on which AdWords ads were placed are tailored to the hotel’s target audience. This achieves an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Negative Keywords
Configuring “negative keywords” avoids irrelevant placements and unproductive clicks.

Display analysis
The “click through rate” is the rate of clicks received in relation to the number of ad placements on Google. The higher this number is, the better the ad meets Google’s quality criteria. The goal of the optimization measures here is to achieve the best listing of the ad at the best price. Accordingly, new ad texts are developed and compared in the form of an A/B test.

Hotel Mondschein – Webdesign
Hotel Mondschein – Webdesign

Optimizing the Google AdWords Quality Score
Through quality criteria, Google wants to ensure that only relevant advertising is placed at the top, if possible. In this sense, it is important to optimize the quality score in order to land on the top display positions at low cost.

Landing page optimization
The page that potential customers land on after clicking on Hotel Mondschein’s AdWords ad should ideally match the keywords and ads. Here it is important to match search terms, keywords and their combinations and the website texts and to achieve continuous improvement through testing.

Implementation of eCommerce tracking for the booking tool
In order to be able to continuously optimize the booking process and thus provide the best possible service to guests, the entire customer journeys of the booking tool are recorded and analyzed.

Newsletter Marketing
The goal is to send a personalized newsletter in the corporate design of Hotel Mondschein to newsletter recipients in order to improve the dialog with hotel guests in the course of a one-to-one marketing process and to continuously generate new leads.

“We have been working with dmcgroup since 2011 and over the years we have developed a close, cooperative relationship. Among other things, dmcgroup has recently given our online presence a new look and with the help of the online campaign, which dmcgroup manages, our bookings have increased dramatically. Many thanks to the whole team and we look forward to our continued collaboration!”

Markus Kegele, Owner & Managing Director Hotel Mondschein

Our Team

Our experts have been working on the continuous improvement of Hotel Mondschein’s online presence since 2018.

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